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This is a review of Rocket Piano. I thought I’d write a Rocket Piano review because it’s the first online piano lesson package that I bought, so read on if you want to know if Rocket Piano is worth it!

When I first started out learning how to play the piano, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick to it for long, so I surfed the Internet for information about piano lessons first. What I found in my research was that there wasn’t any compelling piano lessons online — until I discovered Rocket Piano by chance because of some comments being left about it.

So I popped over to the Rocket Piano website to check things out. I almost closed the page on Rocket Piano because it was a paid piano lesson package, but I stopped myself and decided to give Ruth and her package a chance after discovering that it was less than $40, and came with a money back guarantee.

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“There’s no risk, what’s the worst — I’ll just ask for a refund,” I thought to myself. And I’m glad I gave MYSELF that chance, because Ruth’s Rocket Piano package turned out to be amazing in value. That’s Ruth’s picture, and she’s a classically trained pianist (Grade 8 in Solo Piano) and has more than 15 years experience playing the piano, with a Bachelor of Media Arts majoring in Commercial Music. She even received an Australasian Award for Composition! Classical piano is her specialty, but she also has extensive experience playing and performing Jazz, Pop, Blues, Rock, and Gospel.

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I can only say that the price is more than worth it. I hope Ruth sells more, because I think she’s hoping to recover her cost in volume. With such content, Ruth really overdelivers — I would have been satisfied with just half of the stuff she puts in her Rocket Piano package.

Basically, Rocket Piano teaches you how to play the piano with step-by-step piano lessons supported by ebook, video and audio files. Rocket Piano is organized into 3 high quality books taking you on a journey from beginner to advanced in your piano playing. The Rocket Piano lessons package will teach you how to:

  • Learn to play virtually any song you hear
  • Train your musical ear
  • Recognize chords
  • Play with rhythm and with the correct techniques
  • Read music
  • Adapt your playing style for classical, jazz, blues, rock, pop or gospel music
  • Perform the trickiest of piano skills

When you have mastered the above, you will be able to play most popular songs on the piano, or even compose your very own music.

You also get the following free bonuses

Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano

Cut your learning time in half (away from the piano!) with this fantastic ebook that usually sells for $19.95.

Perfect Your Pitch Pro

Learn how to train your ear with this powerful, listening game.

Jayde Musica Pro

Another fun game - Learn to recognize notes as they fly across the screen.

KeyCellerator - Perfect your piano Keyboard Awareness

Learn to read music to an intermediate level. This takes over from where Jayde Musica leaves off.

If you are like me and are not sure if you have a talent for playing the piano, it is a good idea to try out Rocket Piano before committing to a full course of lessons with a private piano teacher or a music school.

In addition to these, the video lessons that come with Rocket Piano are amazing too. They have been professionally recorded and edited and are guaranteed to be more stylish and useful than anything you will find. There is no substitute for seeing and hearing how something is supposed to be played. You’ll discover the most effective ways to practice so that you master new material quickly, without developing bad habits. Learn to play the piano smoothly and flawlessly, while cutting your learning time in half!

I really found the videos useful, because I’m naturally very shy, and with these lessons, I could learn and try to duplicate what the teacher was doing right in the comfort of my own home, without other people watching.

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You will also discover how you can train your ear to identify all the various piano notes, simply by playing the computer game that comes with Rocket Piano called “Perfect Your Pitch Pro”. Training your ear by playing “Perfect Your Pitch Pro”, is not only fun, it will fast track you to playing your favorite songs by ear!

I love Rocket Piano because it saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on expensive piano lessons when I was just starting out. Through Rocket Piano, I learnt the tips and tricks of playing the piano through an experienced piano teacher in the comfort of my own home, at my own pace. You even get sounds files (AND video) so you can play along. And, unlike a piano teacher, you can repeat each song or riff over and over again until you get it correct and professional sounding. This was very important to me because I HATED the feeling of being under pressure and being afraid that the piano teacher might get impatient with me as I know I take longer to master things.

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But the learning the basics is not the only thing you’ll learn with Rocket Piano because you’ll also discover how to perform the trickiest of piano skills. That’s over ten years worth of expensive and hard-won information in a simple and easy to follow format presented by Ruth - all her comprehensive knowledge at your finger tips!

Ruth also shares an advanced piano learning technique, developed by a university psychologist (originally for guitarists, and adapted successfully for pianists), for training your fingers to automatically remember all the chord shapes, in 1/3 the time. And, you’ll learn all about how your brain processes information, and how to maximise your piano practice time… (nine out of ten people are absolutely floored by this secret!)

Ruth also tells you how to decide whether you should learn to play piano on an actual piano, or whether you should use an electric keyboard. Her package includes Metronome, which will also allow you to learn how to play with exceptional speed and timing.

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By the way, if you’re into Jazz, you’ll be pleased to know that you can discover how to play jazz piano, step-by-step with a specialist how to play jazz piano book! This book is part of the Rocket Piano package too, and in it you’ll gain a comprehensive grounding in jazz, including history, distinctive rhythms, underlying qualities, rhythmic movements, common jazz chords (and how to play them in different jazz arrangements), how to break jazz songs down and play them and much much more! For those of you who are particularly interested in jazz piano, this book is the best place to start!

Rocket Piano is THE BEST piano course on the market for its price. I highly recommend it, and you should definitely get it to improve your piano playing skills. This is without risk too, as Rocket Piano offers a risk-free refund policy. So if it does not live up to your expectations you can get a 100% refund.

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5 Responses to “Rocket Piano Review - The Best Online Piano Lessons With Videos”

  1. Vicky Wuon 28 Jan 2008 at 11:02 am

    I want my daughter to play piano because I want her to have an appreciation of music and so that she can play music in our church when she grows up.

    Thanks for your recommendation..I am delighted with the Rocket Piano system, it really makes learning the piano fun and my daughter is enjoying using it

  2. Christyon 28 Feb 2008 at 1:11 am

    Thank you for the great recommendation! Rocketpiano turned out to be really excellent. I am at the stage now where I have managed to play “Frere Jacques” with both hands. Great progress in just under 2 weeks! There is still a lot to be learned and I’m relishing the challenge. I’ll keep you posted on progress :)

  3. Jameson 28 Feb 2008 at 9:15 am

    I got the piano material today and worked on it most of the afternoon. I think this is really going to be great. A sidelight,,, I am 74 years young and thought this would be a good time to learn somrthing new. I will let you know when I go on tour!

  4. Ian McDonaldon 20 Mar 2008 at 12:59 pm

    I was skeptical at first, however the rocketpiano package truly delivers on its promises. And the bonuses were twice as good as I expected, especially Jayde Musica.

    I can’t believe it’s so cheap! It’s definately the best learn-piano product out there and I’m so glad I found your review on it!

  5. SRISHTI SANNA SATHEon 21 Apr 2009 at 5:44 pm

    i want to join your online classes

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