Free Online Piano Games To Help You Learn How to Play The Piano

When you’re learning how to play the piano, the occasional piano education game can help you take a break and yet reinforce your piano music concepts. Here are some sites that provide free online piano games:

Composers Keyboard (DSO) - A fun piano game that allows you to create your own music by dragging notes onto the staff.

Virtual Piano (Kaboose) - This game uses a virtual piano that lets you play and record your own compositions.

The Piano Player (Funbrain) A game originally meant for kids, this game is actually good for all beginner piano players that helps you to learn how to read musical notes.

Note Name Games (Classics for Kids) - Drag and drop the correct note names of the treble clef!

Key Signature Flashcards (Musicards.Net) - These flashcards use a proven system that will help you learn the different key signatures. Other piano related flashcards are also available.

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