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Welcome to LearnPianoFree.com! You must be really interested in learning how to play the piano right? Well, you’d be glad to know that the Internet is one of the best place to get an education in piano playing! And you have just found my site, which strives to list the very best piano resources around.

I’ve been mesmerised with the piano since who-knows-when, and only recently have I become proficient enough to perform in front of friends, outings, etc. I can boldy say that no other piece of furniture shows more about your taste and refinement than a piano, with the grand piano trumping all pianos. But don’t get me wrong - playing the piano is just a hobby for me though. I don’t intend to play in bands or lounges as a pianist.

I do hope that I can put up my experiences and all the resources I have about pianos, piano playing, and piano accessories and equipment here. Better here where everyone can learn from it, than in an obscure corner of my mind!

So first up, do you really know what a piano is and how it works? To learn the piano, you should first understand the parts of a piano. If you are serious about learning the piano, then a piano course is great for showing you step-by-step how to progress. I find that a properly packaged piano lesson course saves you time, hassle, and explains certain concepts and techniques so that you can understand easier and faster. I personally tried the Rocket Piano package, so that’s a good package that you can try at a low enough price too. Read more with my Rocket Piano Review.

The piano is a crucial instrument in western musical genres, and is commonly used as a tool for musical composition. Pianos are also popular pieces of furniture, especially among the middle and upper classes. Pianos are even nicknamed: “the ivories”, “the joanna”, “the eighty-eight”, “the black(s) and white(s)”, or “the little joe(s)”. Playing the piano is sometimes referred to as “tickling the ivories”.

Coming soon to this site: piano reviews and recommendations!

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